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This was yet another falsehood by the minister himself.In fact it was a tumultuous year for FT/ STT, and the firesale of flogging–off their hardwood plantations for a song proved how diabolical their present scenario is. The Hodgman government’s robotic thinking continues to see the well-greased wheels of insatiable native forest logging in Tasmania grinding away at decimating High Conservation Areas.Mr Turnbull has added several new faces to his ministry - including five new Cabinet appointments - in what he plans to be the final reshuffle of his front bench before the next federal election.In Mr Turnbull’s fifth ministerial shake-up in just over two years as leader, two Nationals - new deputy leader Bridget Mckenzie and first-term Queensland MP David Littleproud - jumped straight from the back bench to cabinet.It is likely that there will be more heat than light.It could be helpful to consider the tactics used by any industry that wishes to justify its business model and protect profits …The Greens submitted a dissenting report to the Senate Enquiry based on the fact that the Chairs’s Report seriously underplayed the role that taxation incentives provided in fuelling the forestry MIS bubble.Given that just about all our Prime Minister’s announcements proclaim the greatest reform since federation, or the most sweeping advance since the second world war, or at least the sexiest makeover since last week, you could be forgiven for getting over-excited.But the bills introduced in the dying hours of the parliamentary session do involve a considerable shake up, and, like so many of Turnbull’s ideas, at first glance they sound pretty good.

If pokies are banned from communities it would have a “devastating effect on pubs and clubs” he told parliament … Currently on average, only 20% of player losses remain with pubs and clubs via net commissions from Federal Group’s Network Gaming. It is well beyond the wit of this writer to figure why the government is so willing to accept the dumb proposition that stopping the haemorrhaging of regional towns will have a devastating effect on those communities.They replace Nationals MP and Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester, who was controversially dumped, and former Nationals deputy leader Fiona Nash who was disqualified for being a dual citizen when elected …Dear editor, In the lead up to the State election Tasmanian people will decide whether or not to vote for a party which, if returned to government, would entrench poker machines in clubs and pubs around Tasmania.There is a rare opportunity to remove poker machines from these venues.What a divine moment of natural justice it was, for the man who believed that the way forward was to threaten constituents who didn’t agree with him, who treated many of them with nothing more than blatant contempt, and who was nothing more, at the end of the day, than a pathetic schoolyard bully.Having said all that, I would mind hearing his answers to the questions posed by Mr Hawkins.

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